Utility Programs

Utility Programs

Energy Benchmarking:

The process of comparing the measured performance of energy in a targeted facility with that of the peers in the related market is called, Energy Benchmarking.

Through the use of our own proprietary tools along with the EnergyStar Portfolio Manager, we provide our Energy Benchmarking services to our customers in understanding the energy performance of their building with relevant to the similar buildings in the market and help them identify the opportunities present to reduce their extra energy costs.

Even though the market players consider the gathering of energy consumption data and analyzing it for reducing their energy costs can be a challenging task, we are equipped with all the necessary tools and equipment and necessary skilled and expertise staff to provide our customers with most efficient energy benchmarking solutions.

Through our Energy Benchmarking services, our customers are benefitted with the following services:

  • Educate building managers/owners about the benchmarking ordinance.
  • Verify energy utility bills and review submitted benchmarking information.
  • Assist in establishing energy consumption patterns.
  • Determine improvement areas and smart capital investments to reduce energy costs.
  • Provide a detailed summary of energy benchmarking results, potential energy savings, energy incentive, energy rebate information, and potential greenhouse gas reductions.

The Ogni Group has provided energy services for different types of facilities such as Hospitals, K-12 Schools, Colleges, Retirement Homes, Warehouses, Garages, Community Centers, Recreation Centers and Multifamily facilities to name a few.

Energy Auditing:

Conducting an Energy Audit is crucial in understanding the energy usage and specific energy needs of a building. Through such an activity, the Facility or the Building Managers will be able to find out answers to the questions raised through benchmarking a facility.

Further, the process will also lead to uncover the plausible causes for energy inefficiencies and scope for improvements that can be achieved through implementing facility specific Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs).

At Ogni, our Energy Engineering team has all the required skill and expertise gained through their vast experience in the field to conduct energy audits that follow guidelines and standards provided by the American Society of Heating Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE).

Energy Solutions:

Now-a-days, both facility and building managers, through the passing of many bills and acts stressing the importance of eco-friendly operations and activities are heavily under the pressure of undergoing the process of energy services for improving the energy performance in their buildings and facilities.

Our teams of experts are specialized in providing you with the most efficient and effective energy management solutions that cater to the energy needs of our customers.

Rebate Processing:

What is Rebate Processing?

Utility providers across the country offer rebate programs that help encourage businesses upgrade to energy efficient alternatives to their existing systems and equipment.

The rate payer funded utility rebate market is a multi-billion-dollar industry that is complex and ever changing. Each Utility and program has different standards, guidelines, deadlines, and requirements. The Ogni Group's dedicated and experienced Rebate Management Team is committed to having the most current understanding of all major utility programs to help you maximize your external funding sources.

How can it help you?

Manufacturing businesses looking to upgrade their equipment can save up to 70% of the project cost by participating in the rebate program offered by their utility provider. Ogni will help you realize these benefits and ensure every avenue to save dollars is effectively utilized. National and multi-site businesses that operate in multiple states can take advantage of Ogni’s capability as a one-stop shop for rebate processing in any state. Our goal is always to maximize external grant and rebate funding for our customers and partners.

Distributors and contractors of energy efficient equipment can increase value for their customers by partnering with us and take advantage of the rebate programs that may be applicable for their situation. Ogni works directly with your customers to help maximize any potential funding, leading to an increase in sales and market share. If there is a possibility of saving money, rest assured, our analysts at Ogni will take advantage of it for you.

Ogni Advantage

Ogni offers rebate market research and consulting services to our customers and partners by analyzing a matrix of market conditions and providing strategic guidance for achieving energy related goals for: HVAC, refrigeration, motors, VFD's, lighting, and controls.

The Ogni Rebate Management team uses a structured and visible process to ensure accuracy and maximize funding. Our energy engineers also provide custom and prescriptive rebate analysis showing how different application strategies can provide additional funding.

The Ogni Rebate Management Team is a trade ally with multiple utilities across the United States such as ComEd, CPS Energy, Xcel Energy, KCP&L among others.