Design and Build Solutions:

The Design and Build method of project delivery integrates the functions of both the designer and the construction firm to simplify complexity and provide a comprehensive building solution. The Ogni Group has been involved in multiple numbers of Design and Build projects across the United States. As a completely vendor-neutral consultant, The Ogni Group can help you select the most beneficial and cost-effective mix of solutions for your capital project.

For any construction projects, a clear and elegant Design & Build services are required for a successful delivery of the construction project completion. Our dedicated team of professionals’ skilled and expertise in design and build services assure you the delivery of efficient and robust services in your construction projects.

We always keep ourselves updated with all the latest trends in technologies and assure our client in providing them with the services that meet their expectations and keep them motivated in turning to us, in their need for availing design and build services.

Through our collaborative effort in minimizing the risk of the owner of the facility, we offer cost-effective Design & Build services to our client that help them in reducing their operating expenditure. At our company, our staff are fully aware of the importance that our client has in procuring a high-performance building at reasonably low costs.

Due to increasing importance to reduce the rising greenhouse gas emissions, increasing energy costs, increasing concerns over energy security and concerns over the impact on the environment for energy systems, it is mandatory that proper care has to be taken by the professional team in designing and building the energy services in the building constructions. In our company, we completely understand all these vital elements while designing and building energy systems for buildings and take utmost care while implementing those.

We combine efficient energy strategies and innovative ways of designing and building productive energy systems for your buildings. Our main criteria while designing and building energy systems include reducing owner’s risk, increasing the speed of construction and delivery, controlling costs and benefitting the owner with reduced expenditure, and thereby providing innovative services.