About The Ordinance

With a goal to become a top-tier city for sustainability and reduce the commercial energy consumption 20% by 2020, Mayor’s Office of Sustainability developed the Atlanta Commercial Energy Efficiency Ordinance. Their analysis shows that ordnance can produce hundreds of millions of dollars in benefits to the private sector, driving direct investment in our local community, creating jobs, and improving public health simultaneously as energy-related emissions are reduced. ​

Buildings Impacted

As per the Ordinance passed by the Atlanta city council, all the City buildings with area greater than 10,000 square feet and Multi-family and Non-residential buildings with area greater than 25,000 square feet are required to report their annual Energy and water consumption and benchmarking data. Also, once every 10 years, buildings are required to undergo audit. ​


All the buildings covered by the ordinance as per the above-mentioned criteria must provide the data by June 1 of every year. ​


​Failure to report benchmarking information within 30 days of the deadline shall be punishable upon conviction by a fine of $1,000. Each year of non-compliance shall constitute a separate offense punishable upon conviction by a fine of $1,000.​ ​